Thursday, March 03, 2016

Class in America

Working in delivery has only one see the effect of class. The world, divided into zip codes of wealth and poverty, the gated and ungated country juxtaposed to the closed city. The lake areas are the worst, with many now the expensive year round homes of the retired. Producing nothing, these aged Lamprey  have attached themselves to the ship of imagination called money, the law having given them this right over the currently working for a pittance. One has the urge to drive the truck through the home and tossing the online ordered, overly priced wine out the window, never acknowledging you have replaced it with antifreeze. Wall Street Journal wines is now ol' death by grapes. Unlike my coworkers, I'm not enthralled with the wondrous lake homes. I know the theft from which they came and hope they are all burnt someday.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Language and Diversity

Soon, it is likely diversity language will be applied to intellectual activity. Using logic and evidence will be defined as a "micro aggression". Criticism of work will be defined as potential abuse, and yet more campus diversity administrators will appear to scour the University program of language above a seven year old level, deeming it as "discriminatory against the intellectually non-inclined". Marking up a freshman 's poems and a male teacher calling them "iambic" and " solipsistic" will ignite an inquiry for sexism and the crime of patriarchy. Essays comparing the works of Margaret Atwood and Susan Sontag to the lyrics of Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj, the formers found wanting as intellectual classists who used their skills to demean and ignore the personal truth and experience of these new denizens of art. The French impressionists will be denounced as "smarties" who used color to denigrate the beautiful works of the colorblind using crayons while over caffeinated. Scientists and mathematicians, hounded and denounced in public for the crime of actively seeking knowledge, their aim a conspiracy to shame the uninformed. Twitter feed text using text speech declared the new Shakesperean English, a true language form that "doesn't use complex word arrangements and ideas and stuff" Truthfully, we are mostly already there.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Bring me my leeches

My work in Government taught me one lesson above all. The wealthy are the greatest receivers of public money. For them we build infrastructure, roads, sewers, pay for the employees to be educated and the health care.We clean up their environmental nightmares, or subsidize them with everything from under-cost land, minerals, timber or flat out fraudulent enterprises like the F-35 and the constant, endless stream of military hardware we pour into maintaining the empire and leave like scrap in places like Iraq. Many of them wouldn't exist if they weren't sucking off government contracts and bonding projects like starving vampires. But, if school children need something as simple as the minuscule funds for a trip to a museum, the great conservative voices thunder from the skies "Oh we cannot teach them to be freeloaders, they must earn their way by the value of labor." This class, if one carefully observes, has often never worked in the actual private sector making an honest living, but seems always employed in such difficult circumstances as conservative think tanks writing nonsensical screeds as propaganda pieces, or enjoying political appointments whenever their favorite son wins election. Anytime the words "Economic Development" or "Jobs" are attached to a private enterprise, the public should hide their wallets and seal-weld the public purse as you know it will soon be raided. Water supply lines for ski resorts, land exchange subsidies for mine proposals and infrastructure for "commercial development" are phrases that come to mind. "Developers" are best symbolized as parasites directing their host into absurdist financial suicides such as big box development. Consultants, lobbyists and "Government Affairs" specialists are to be feared much more than the addicts stealing valuables out of garages and cars as they are far more psychopathic and would gladly steal a baby's bottle if allowed. If a lobbyist ever entered my house I would be more watchful than if the most depraved drug cartel member entered, nailing my belongings to the floor and secreting my meager property into the closet guarded by a wolverine. Unlike the lobbyist, the cartel member has at least tried to work for his money. It is not just the owner class or Wall Street Bankers to be feared, but their servants in the consultancies, lobbying groups, law firms and the legislatures. As much an army of parasitical brain infections directing the body of the state into packing the wallets of them and their masters, they are to be hated as much as any group of crazed executives.