Thursday, October 08, 2015

The Menagerie of Social Media. Voyeurism of the Sick and the Damned.

It is interesting that many recovering addicts I know are also the most eager to convict and judge the addicts posted in the media. It is as if they rationalize that because they are not using, that somehow that makes them different or "better", that if those still out there just "got it", then somehow they will change. No one ever "got it". You were kicked in the teeth repeatedly by family, friends, neighbors, courts, counselors, P.O.'s mental health professionals and your pets until it finally penetrated past the sincere delusion and you became aware that you might have a problem. For those of you with under ten years who think you are special, you are still at about a 50% probability of dying using. The next time you see a picture of some addict, usually ridiculed or posted for shock value, ask the questions "Do we do that to other illnesses?" Do we make them objects? Do we post pictures of lepers? Treat other illnesses as some sort of chamber of horrors menagerie? The odd thing is most of the crimes are petty. Theft. Some kind of low level fraud. Nothing even in remote comparison to what the bankers did in 2007-2008, or what the politicians did in starting the Irag War and torturing, maiming and killing people all to control oil for profits. We don't post pictures of Rumsfeld or the psychologist cum-psychopathic-monster James Elmer Mitchell, now retired on your tax dime, who designed the torture "program" and now lives in a Florida mansion. But you do post pictures of some poor addict looking disease ridden who's been busted for shoplifting a bag of potato chips, a truly dangerous crime against humanity. It is as if the surviving victims of the plague beat the ill for being sick screaming "devil be gone". It is an odd relationship.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


The Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis burns to the ground. And of course, truly reflecting the intelligence and depth of U.S. culture, the comments of grief rival those as if the Hermitage in St. Petersburg has burned, Stonehenge was destroyed by a meteor and Monk's Mound at Cahokia was swallowed by an earthquake. It was a tavern. In a small town. On land from the Treaty of Fort Laramie long since stolen. Named after a General whose central claim to fame was leading a modern, well equipped military column on a half continent wide chase of Natives defending the women and children they had with them. Popular because culture-less descendants of colonist Americans who can be sold anything, convinced to play dress up like extra's from the Al Pacino movie Cruising,revving 1930's technology motorcycles like 15 year olds, go there to drink crappy beer in overpriced costumes designed to extract as much of their earnings as possible and give an identity to their empty, meaningless lives by wearing a giant corporate advertisement and yelling "freedom".

Back to School Specials

NRA School Shooting Prevention Back to School Specials
1: “Little Kitty Kevlar” Backpack. Providing both great carrying capacity and triple layered kevlar protection system, your little angel can hold this up the next time a psychotic maniac with a semi-automatic weapon and 500 rounds of ammo shows up. Comes in pink and purple.
2: “Little Toy Soldier” Armored Hat: Yes, your little man can stay warm, be fashionable and not have his head blown off with this NRA “Top TBI Prevention Fashion Accessory of the Year”.
3: “My Big Girl Is Growing Up” Armored Training Bra and Panties. Protect those all important private places from injury. In Multiple colors and patterns including urban camouflage.
4: “I'm Invisible” Crowd Camouflage Schoolwear. Don't just protect your baby with body armor, but allow them to disappear into the crowd of victims with this computer generated pattern camouflage. They'll simply 'disappear” into the fleeing crowd or pile of squirming, wounded bodies.
5: “Wayne Lapierre Talking Teddy”. Yes, nothing will soothe your child's fears during a mass shooting like that voice of the 2nd Amendment. His recorded voice will calm the fears and emotional over-reactions like no one else: “Remember, that gun isn't shooting you, that maniac I allowed to have the gun did. Too bad he doesn't just have a small knife rather than a 30 round clip. God Bless America”.